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Amendment to certain Clauses of General Terms and Conditions of Supply (GTCS). View

Statement of Reasons
Amendment to General Terms & Conditions (GTCS). View
Amendment to Clause 10.3.7 of approved Model PPA for Solar Power Developers(SPDs). View
TSERC (Forecasting, Scheduling, Deviation Settlement and Related Matters for Solar and Wind Generation Sources) Regulations, 2018 – Regulation No. 3 of 2018 - Extension of timelines in the regulation – Orders. View
Clarification on collection of three times tariff from domestic consumers who do not poses occupancy certificate compliance of G. O. Ms. No. 86 dated 03.03.2006
Correspondance with Ministry of Power, Government of India on status of existing APERC

Letter from APERC dated 07.10.2014
Letter from APERC dated 30.09.2014 View
Letter from Ministry of Power,Government of India dated 03.09.2014 View
Letter from APERC dated 21.08.2014 View
24.10.2014: Commission addresses Ministry of Power, GOI seeking directions under section 92/108 of the AP Reorganisation Act 2014 on the status of existing APERC View
Amendment of General Terms and Conditions of Supply View
GTCS Amendment Order View
Load Factor Incentive calculation - Methodology View
Clarification for W.P.No.14961 of 2009 View
Load Factor Incentive calculation View
Clarification on implementation of GTCS provisions - De-ration of Contract Demand View
APGPCL-Delivered capacity-calculation and power sharing among share holders. View
Commission passed orders on Delivery Capacity & Recovery of Inflated Demand charges from APGPCL. View
HT/LT Industrial sales promotion-Rationalisation of procedure in respect of collection of minimum charges during periods of long closures of Industrial units-extension of scheme upto 31-03-2011. View
Amendment to GTCS making provision for removal/regularisation of additional load of LT III detected during inspection View